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Enter your details & Follow Steps for the chance to be selected for this giveaway. Many wonderful things happen in the world that stuns the mankind. There is a significant number of people on Earth who take the sports very seriously even though if they are not the players. The craze and love for sports sometimes seem to be touching its peak when brands like Air Jordan happen. It is a brand that is produced by Nike for the production of basketball shoes, athletic and casual clothing.

Air Jordan brand was actually formed for the former professional and one famous basketball player, Michael Jordan. Air Jordan Shoes were first ever produced by this brand in the year 1984 with the name Air Jordan Sneakers I. After the successful launch of these shoes, it was quite evident that these shoes made a huge business in the market. Following the success trend, a huge line-up of these shoes was formed and still is in existence.

Until now, 32 series of Air Jordan Shoes have been produced and the latest model that goes by the name of Air Jordan XXXIII is soon to be released in the next month of this year 2018. The designers of these shoes, Peter Moore, Tinker Hatfield and Bruce Kilgore, did some extraordinary work which is why the line-up of AJ shoes never got failed.

Besides this specific category, there were other shoes as well from this AJ series and they were named differently such as Defining Moments III, Defining Moments IV, Old Love New Love etc. The amazing thing about the Air Jordan Shoes is that their offered masterpiece is the combination of both, the retro touch as well as the unique styles of the current century. Those who are keenly interested in sports and can afford these articles must learn to fight the game with the pairs of Air Jordan Shoes.

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