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Apple introduced another variant of iPhone XS which seems to be the Max version in all of the four smartphones. Still, it is not clear that how many smartphones are making to the finish line, but one thing is clear that this Apple iPhone XS Max is true and it will make to the finish line at the end of the day. If all of this is true, then Samsung gonna face serious consequences because their devices did not change a bit.

Apple’s iPhone XS Max has the OLED display which means that display of this phone will be just like the other phones, but the size of the panel is greater than all other Apple iPhone XS’s siblings. It seems that this time they have changed their strategy and instead of only two variant they are bringing something new to the table which they have never done before.

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Free iPhone XS Max by Apple is going to come with an A12 chipset which is also new and never used before in any device so the performance scores will be better and we can say that Apple XS Max will be the star of the night which is going to beat all of its rivals and competitors. Two year’s ago we heard something about Huawei that they would beat Apple but Apple iPhone’s XS Max is going to even more toughen the competition for them, and it seems that dream will never come true if they always bring new things to the table.

iPhone XS Max is all about the perfection, and one thing that differs this brand’s phones from others is its software which is lighter as compared to Android, and it will not burden the system, so this year XS Max is getting a new version of the software for itself.

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