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Top Undesirable Signs of Hard Water

Hard Water vs Soft Water Benefits | Water-Right

If you live in a house that uses well water, chances are good that it’s also hard water. Hard water has an excess of calcium and magnesium and can cause some very unique household problems. Here are a few of the most undesirable signs of hard water and how to fix them.

Unpleasant Taste

Unless you grew up with hard water in your home, it’ll probably taste unpleasant to you. If you have hard water Tampa, it isn’t hazardous to your health, but installing a water softener will filter out those unsavory minerals. It also makes your water better to cook with, especially for rice, pasta and beans.

Film on Body and Hair

When you shower or bathe in hard water, it leaves a film on your skin preventing you from feeling completely clean. This leads to dry, itchy skin and hair that looks limp. With the simple installation of a water softener, your skin will be naturally soft and your hair will regain its bounce and shine.

Dingy, Scratchy Laundry

Doing your laundry in hard water takes a toll on the color and feel of fabrics. Whites begin to take on a steel gray color, while other shades become dull and faded. Installing a water softener will prevent this from happening in the future, and your clothes and towels will become fluffy again.

White Buildup on Faucets

Another unwanted characteristic of hard water is the white, crusty buildup on faucets. This chalky substance looks bad and it also prevents water from flowing at full capacity. Without a water softener, this buildup can eventually damage washing machines, dishwashers and small appliances like coffee makers.

If you’re living in a house that uses hard water, it’s tough to miss the signs. Installing a water softener is a quick and affordable way to get clear, refreshing water.