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What are the benefits of changing your look and outfit?

Everybody has their style that speaks to their comfort and essence, and this can range from a calm and quiet style to loud and sanguine. However, once in a while, people experiment with other styles and look just for the fun of it, or to see if they could find a better fit. Hairstyle, color, make-up style, clothing style, and many other elements of fashion can be switched up to change a person’s look.

Let us examine some benefits of changing your look and outfit:


  • A look at online fashion companies’ reviews shows that a change in look offers a change in how a person is seen. It gives fresh angles to an individual and might play up features that were under-played or concealed formerly. Take, for instance, an individual that always lets the hair down now switching to a ponytail- the shape of the jaw, the neck, the cheekbones, the eyes, and even the hair that were otherwise concealed would become visible, creating a whole new look for such a person.
  • Changing the color of your hair can also dramatically change your look. It could draw attention to your skin tone, the color of your eyes, and other subtle features that might have been overshadowed by your previous regular style.
  • What’s more, sticking with one style can cause long-term challenges. For instance, if you always pack your hair in a particular style, you risk the pressure points of such packing falling off after a while, destroying your hairline. You can check platforms like Hairprint for ideas on how to switch up your hair game regularly to avoid hair loss.
  • Changing your outfit will do for your shape what changing your hairstyle will do for your face. You might have been shortchanging yourself by wearing unflattering clothes in the past, but changing your outfit will improve your confidence and self-image. Even if your old style of dressing is flattering, switching it up adds an element of unpredictability and freshness to your looks. 
  • Changing your look and outfit takes you out of your comfort zone, and you might find that you attract attention just for the mere change from flats shoes to heels, or bangs to bob hairstyle. Learning to handle the change will not only develop your confidence but also inspire you to pursue personal development in other areas.


Change is usually a scary concept, as it means stepping out from the known to the unknown. The fear of change in life or fashion can be self-limiting: the mole you try so much to hide by styling your hair over it might be found loveable by others, and what you consider a quirk in your physical attribute might be what others find attractive. 

A note of caution with changing looks- the first few days might feel strange to you and others around you. Ever heard the expression ‘the look grew on you’? That’s how it is for some people, while for others, a change in hairstyle, clothing, or makeup style might be an instant hit. Try to change your look once in a while – switch it up from classy official to business casual on a workday and see what comments come your way. Give your new look a chance to make an impression first before you decide it won’t work out. Remember that you only have one life, so why don’t you experiment as much as possible, and be as many best versions of yourself as is humanly possible.